Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool is the Only Fox Character Disney Isn’t Changing

Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool is the Only Fox Character Disney Isn’t Changing

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The Disney/Fox Merger is finally complete, and a lot of fans are expecting the MCU to do a complete overhaul of the X-Men and Fantastic Four characters. You know who isn’t getting a revamp though? Deadpool.

According to THR, Ryan Reynolds’ Merc with the Mouth is the only X-Men Fox character that is expected to stay the same. This rings true to Bob Iger’s earlier statements that the company won’t be watering down the franchise to make it more kid-friendly.

How Deadpool moves to the MCU we don’t know, but I can already imagine multiple solutions including multiverses and an altered timeline after the defeat of Thanos. Personally I’d think it would be fun if they just plopped him in the MCU with no explanation and Deadpool just outs and says that Disney had to buy Fox just so he could play along with everyone else.

Besides Deadpool, I’m hoping that Marvel decides to keep a bunch of other characters that worked from the franchise. I’m a fan of Zazie Beetz’s Domino and I thought Josh Brolin’s Cable was also pretty cool. I know it’s also a longshot, but I’m hoping they bring back Julian Dennison’s Russell.

We don’t really know when Deadpool enters the Marvel fold, but everyone is excited to see what happens next.

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