Russo Brothers’ Hercules Won’t be a ‘Literal Translation’

Russo Brothers’ Hercules Won’t be a ‘Literal Translation’

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We didn’t expect the Russo Brothers to make any “big” movies anytime soon after Avengers: Endgame, but news had just come out that they would be producing a live-action adaptation of Disney’s Hercules. What’s interesting is, the brothers seem to be big fans of the original film, but they promise that their movie won’t be a ‘literal adaptation’.

Talking to Collider, Anthony Russo explained:

“Both us and our kids are Hercules fanatics… And we had heard that Disney was interested in revisiting it and we’re in love with the original. And we made a case as to why we felt we would be right to produce that film and here we are.

While Mulan will be ditching a lot of the Disney elements of the original, the Russos assure fans that they’ll be keeping the Musical aspect of their Hercules. We don’t really know what they plan to change for the movie, but I’m hoping they give some more emphasis on the monster-slaying, because that’s my only gripe for the original film.

Russo continues:

Well, I think you always have to bring something new to the table because from our perspective as storytellers, it’s not compelling for us to do a literal translation. We’ve already done that with our Marvel films. We don’t do literal translations of the comics because we feel like if you want that story you can go read that story. We’re going to give you a different story. I think we’ll do something that’s in the vein of the original and inspired by it, but we also bring some new elements to the table.”

No release window has been set for Hercules yet, but I imagine that the film will be ready to come out sometime in 2023.  For now, the next Disney project set for a release is Mulan, and it hits theaters July 24.


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