Rumor: Woody Harrelson will be Playing Carnage in Sony’s Venom

Rumor: Woody Harrelson will be Playing Carnage in Sony’s Venom

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Woody Harrelson is currently in the cast list for Sony’s Venom movie, but so far, his character isn’t named yet in the film. Rumor has it that he’s actually playing longtime Spider-Man nemesis, Cletus Kasady a.k.a. Carnage.

The news comes from Bleeding Cool who was said to have confirmed that Harrelson will indeed play the serial killer from Marvel Comics. With rumors coming out that Riz Ahmed was going to play Kasady, Harrelson now seems the more appropriate guy for the role. We know that he can play villains based on his work in Natural Born Killers and the last Planet of the Apes movie; Harrelson has successfully played a killer redneck in Zombieland (the director of which, Ruben Fleischer, is at the helm of this movie).

For now, anticipation for the Venom movie is at a low because of the trailer which had absolutely no Venom in it. Hopefully, Sony will come up with a new preview soon that gives us a good look at the classic character—teeth, tentacles, and all.

We still don’t have many details on the Venom film, but fans are crossing their fingers that Sony somehow finds a way to connect it to the Spider-Man of the MCU. Tom Holland is a fantastic wall-crawler, and it would make no sense to have Venom without his archnemesis involved in some way.

Venom hits theaters Oct. 4.


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