Rumor: Disney Might Not Renew There License With Electronic Arts

Rumor: Disney Might Not Renew There License With Electronic Arts

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In May 2013, Disney licensed the rights to make Star Wars video games to Electronic Arts, and the company immediately assigned projects based on the franchise to some of its top studios. After that last Battlefront release which left some fans seething over the use of loot boxes for upgrades rumors that stemmed from Cinelinx are circulating that Disney is not happy with EA and how they’ve handled the license.

Though a source that worked at EA at the time told us EA only had a 3 license deal on the table and actually did have a 3rd game created that didn’t make it to market. This means that Disney could allow them to make a 3rd game or consider the contract up and just not renew it with them and perhaps go to one of their competitors such as Activision or Ubisoft.

According to Cinelinx, Disney held a meeting with EA executives to discuss what is going wrong with Star Wars video games, and also reached out to Activision and Ubisoft to see if they would be interested in the license.  Cinelinx is saying their is a clause in the deal, but as we just said it’s more likely that the contract is just up and this is all hearsay.

But if Disney did pull the Star Wars license from EA, it could be problematic for the publisher since it’s already put a lot of money into the Star Wars game and if EA is already working on more extensions for Battlefront 2 or are already working on a new game this could potentially cause EA millions in losses.

However, if Disney did pull the license from EA fans would most likely rejoice since they went as far to make a petition after the release of Battlefront 2 which amassed over 188K signatures at the time of writing.

Though it’s hard to say if these rumors are true Disney and Lucasfilm may be fine with how EA has handled the game and these rumors are just that rumors. Until we hear something official from Disney or EA, fans should take this news with a massive grain of salt.



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