Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad Writer Calls Game ‘Funny’

Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad Writer Calls Game ‘Funny’

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For years people have been speculating on Rocksteady’s next game from another Arkham title to a Superman game, but last week it’s been confirmed that the next game they have will focus on ‘the worst villains ever’—The Suicide Squad. While we have nothing but the poster for the game to tease us, writer Kim MacAskill has confirmed what tone the game will have.

Taking to Twitter MacAskill has confirmed that she has been working on the game for years, and says that the tone is going to be comedic:

This is surely a different take from the Arkham games which have all been serious and dark. We don’t know what Suicide Squad is going to look like exactly, but we should expect a more irreverent tone; let’s just hope it’s not as big of a mess as the movie.

I have to say, while the move seems obvious now, it didn’t seem like something Rocksteady would be working on right after Arkham. We don’t know how exactly it’s going to play, but I suspect that we’re going to be able to control a whole roster of Squad members and the each member of the Justice League will serve as the bosses.

While I suspect that this will be in the continuity of the Arkham ames, I also have a feeling that it’s going to take place in its own dark timeline; one where the heroes actually die–should the player be successful that it.

We don’t know when Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad comes out, but hopefully we get more info (and a teaser) come DC FanDome later this month


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