Robert Downey Jr. Still Interested in Doing Sherlock Holmes 3

Robert Downey Jr. Still Interested in Doing Sherlock Holmes 3

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With the next two Avengers movies promising to be an ‘end of an era’ for Marvel Studios, a lot of people are expecting that this will be the last time we’ll see Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark. With that in mind, people wonder what’s in store for RDJ in the future. As it turns out, he wants to finish Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes trilogy.

Talking to Entertainment Weekly, Downey explained:

“First of all the missus is front and center with Joe Roth producing Doolittle, I’m having a good time. Though I decided to give myself, like 40 additional challenges. Like a Welsh accent – which even Welsh people say is hard to do. Then there’s all the stuff down the pike, we’re looking at another Sherlock Holmes, we’re developing Perry Mason for HBO. I still want to do Pinocchio.”

Though Benedict Cumberbatch is arguably the more popular Sherlock Holmes, a lot of people still liked Downey’s portrayal of the quirky detective. It may be almost a decade since the release of Game of Shadows, but if Downey is up for the film, surely the studio will want to bank in on that.

As for director Guy Ritchie, he’s already wrapped filming for Disney’s live-action Aladdin movie. Personally, I wish that Ritchie would stick to making more modern capers like Man from UNCLE or RocknRolla. I just think his style is a bit out of place when it comes to period pieces like King Arthur. Imagine if Ritchie directed Suicide Squad? That would be one hell of a film.

For now, there hasn’t been any official announcement of Sherlock Holmes 3, but we can catch RDJ as Tony Stark in Avengers: Infinity War, out on April 27.


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