Rob Cohen Expresses A Desire to Direct A Final Fast And Furious Movie

Rob Cohen Expresses A Desire to Direct A Final Fast And Furious Movie

It is unbelievably crazy to imagine that the first Fast & Furious movie debuted a little less than two decades ago. For 18 years, fans have enthusiastically followed the adventures of Dominic Toretto and his crew. After  8 movies, it seems like the story isn’t close to being done just yet.

Universal Pictures announced last year that a ninth and tenth movie is already in development. The ninth installment is scheduled to be released in 2020 and most of the original cast is expected to return to the franchise.

With the premiere slowly approaching, more news about the upcoming movies has started surfacing. In fact, one key player in the franchise has expressed his intention to be part of the last film.

Rob Cohen, the director of the first Fast and Furious movie, recently sat down with Screen Crush to discuss his latest feature – The Hurricane Heist. During the interview, Cohen spoke about the Fast and Furious franchise. According to the director, FF has transformed into something entirely different than how he intended it to be with the first movie. Nonetheless, he is very proud of what he has created:

“The franchise went from a Los Angeles story built around a family of multicultural brothers and sisters to what I’ll call “pure spectacle.” The beauty is that the audience has ridden along with it for these 18 years. I’m very proud that the characters I created in 2001 are still in the lexicon. There‘s still a Dominic Toretto appearing every two years, or a Mia Toretto, or a Letty. It had to evolve, and it evolved in a way that was ultra-worldwide commercial. And the heartbeat of it is: We live in a world with no gravity, cars can do anything. They can burst out of the nose of airplanes. People can jump across freeways. They can take down helicopters. It’s like, “Okay, anything for the spectacle.” quipped Cohen in the recent Screen Crush interview.

He further explains that it makes him very happy that his Fast and Furious movie is almost always the one cited by fans as the best:

“I started out to do a different thing, but the thing that I did implanted this world and these characters deeply in that audience. And they’re still coming for a hit of it. And most of the time when you go on the internet and [read] “Which was the best Fast & Furious?” It’s almost always mine.”

When asked if he is willing to go back and direct another FF movie, Cohen reveals that he actually hopes that the studio would ask him to:

“I always wished Universal would come back to me to direct the last one.”

Fast and Furious 9 was initially slated to be released in April of 2019. Nevertheless, Universal Pictures has announced that they have moved the premiere to April 10, 2020. On the other hand, there has yet to be any confirmation as to when FF10 is scheduled to hit the theatres.


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