Rick and Morty 4 Gets an Anime-Style Teaser

Rick and Morty 4 Gets an Anime-Style Teaser

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It may have been a while before Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon got the green light, but Rick and Morty 4 is officially underway and we have a new anime-inspired teaser for the show.

It doesn’t really give anything away about the upcoming season, but it does help people keep excited for what’s to come. The last season of Rick and Morty was a great success, but the show actually came out a bit delayed last year; with the upcoming fourth season, the writers were sure not to assume any release dates.

The good news is, it may be a while before we have to start worrying about new episodes again. Rick and Morty was said to have been greenlit for 70 episodes. We don’t know exactly how the showrunners plan to split those episodes, but I’m crossing my fingers that the quality manages to stay consistent despite the huge episode count.

For now, we don’t really know what to expect. The last season kind of ended with everyone back in the same place—with Jerry back in the Smith home and Rick feeling a bit impotent about it. Hopefully Harmon and Roiland have some interesting concepts in mind when it comes to the fourth season.

If the fans will revolt outside a McDonalds for something as ridiculous as Szechuan sauce, imagine what they would do if they got an underwhelming season of Rick and Morty?

No release date has been set for Rick and Morty 4.


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