Rian Johnson Shuts Down Rumors About Him Leaving His Star Wars Trilogy

Rian Johnson Shuts Down Rumors About Him Leaving His Star Wars Trilogy

Recently a wild rumor had dropped that Rian Johnson had left the Star Wars trilogy that he was developing for Lucasfilm which was met with a lot of discussion and wild speculation in the fandom. As it turns out, the rumor was false and Johnson himself confirmed it on Twitter:

SuperBroMovies, who had ran with the story, had also issued an apology to Johnson, to which Johnson also gracefully accepted:


While Star Wars: The Last Jedi was a huge success for Lucasfilm, it has no doubt managed to split the fandom in two. Even until now you have fans arguing about how it’s the ‘worst Star Wars movie ever made’; on the other side, you have fans praising Johnson for challenging the Star Wars formula and giving us some moments that nobody saw coming.

Personally I was a huge fan of the film, and I was also bewildered by all the haters who had come out to bash it as one of the worst movies ever made. While I admit there are some elements that could use some polishing, the movie is a long shot from being ‘terrible.’ I just think that it got treated the way it did because it was a Star Wars film, and the fandom could be one tough crowd to handle—they’re never happy with whatever you give them.

At least for now, we know that Johnson’s trilogy is still underway. We don’t know when we’re going to get it, but he’s set to work on it right after he wraps his latest project, Knives Out. Catch the film later this year on Nov. 27.


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