Watch Reveal Trailer for A Quiet Place: The Road Ahead

Watch Reveal Trailer for A Quiet Place: The Road Ahead

A Quiet Place: Day One is expected to release later this month, but it looks like we’re getting more than one expansion for this universe that was kickstared by John Krasinski.

Just in, we have a new trailer for A Quiet Place: The Road Ahead, and it looks to be a first-person horror game that puts you in this audibly dangerous apocalypse. Check this out:

The official description reads:

The road ahead is paved with sound decisions. Prepare to survive a world of gripping atmosphere and frantic terror, where the smallest sound can spell disaster.

It does look like the game is going to be leaning in on the stealth-horror element, and players will have to be careful just making the slightest bit of sound, lest they summon what the this world had referred to as “The Death Angels”.

Though the first Quiet Place movie was very sparing when it came to the lore of these Death Angels, it looks like these upcoming movies are going to be expanding on their history; how they came to earth, and how the humans reacted to them.

For now, it looks like the arc of the Abbott family isn’t over yet; so I’m guessing that A Quiet Place 3 is going to finally have humanity taking care of the alien threat—or at least find a way to make the planet safe for them once again.

It’s not as big as Transformers, but I have to hand it to The Quiet Place for spinning off as much as it did.

A Quiet Place: The Road Ahead is aiming to launch for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S sometime this year.


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