A New Report Suggests PS4 Neo Launch Window

A New Report Suggests PS4 Neo Launch Window

Before E3 took off, Sony Executive Andrew House plainly confirmed the existence of the PS4 Neo and announced the system would be a no show at the expo. He was being honest. Not only was the upgraded device noticeably absent, but shortly after E3‘s conclusion, the executive went on to question why Microsoft announced their new console, Project Scorpio, so far ahead of its 2017 release. With all of this in mind, many have begun to speculate the device is further out from release than previously assumed. However, a new report suggests PS4 Neo may have a launch date scheduled for the near future.

According to Eurogamer’s Richard Leadbetter, the system hits stores later this year. “Several sources have indicated to me that PlayStation Neo launches this year, despite its E3 no-show,” he revealed in an article about 4K visuals for Scorpio and Neo. IGN notes that Leadbetter is a reliable source, since he is the one responsible for confirming PS4 Neo’s codename and hardware specifications.

Again, Houses’s surprise at Microsoft’s announcement of the Scorpio is worth mentioning. In that same interview, he also alluded to the success of Apple’s “available now” initiative. Were his statements a tease of what’s to come?

Additionally, the company has yet to decide on whether or not they’ll appear at Gamescom in August, and is reportedly considering an event for European audiences. This event would be similar to PlayStation Experience and feature an upcoming announcement, which will be the deciding factor on what shows they plan to attend. Perhaps this hypothetical event, likely akin to the PS4 reveal, will offer the publisher a stage to officially unleash the hardware, providing details and a late 2016 release date.

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