#ReleasetheSnyderCut Gets More than 100k Tweets on Anniversary of Justice League

#ReleasetheSnyderCut Gets More than 100k Tweets on Anniversary of Justice League

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There was a huge outcry for #ReleasetheSnyderCut back in 2017 when Justice League came out, and though some thought the hype was eventually going to die down, the movement has still been going strong two years later. What’s interesting is, on Nov. 16, the anniversary of the release of JL, a lot of fans took to Twitter and tweeted #ReleaseTheSnyderCut more than 100k times.

Check this out:

What’s more is, Zack Snyder has posted up a new photo of Superman, with the caption “He has Yet to Rise.” Check it out:

Seeing that this photo still has Superman with the hole through his chest, I’m guessing that this comes from Batman v Superman, and that big hand is Doomsday’s. If anything, Snyder looks to be telling the fans to keep campaigning, as his version of Superman is yet to come back like he did in the theatrical release.

We don’t know what the official status of the Snyder Cut is, but hopefully this noise from last week has gotten the attention of WB. With Joker proving that a dark comic book film could work, hopefully there is a restored faith in Snyder’s version of Justice League. I’m sure fans will be fine with a home release, but wishful thinking says WB will go for a theatrical release, counting all the hype that’s come before it.

For now, there’s no official announcement for the Snyder Cut, but the next movie in the DCEU timeline is Birds of Prey which comes out Feb. 7, 2020.


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