Ray Fisher Says WB is ‘Cherry-Picking’ Witnesses in Justice League Set Investigation

Ray Fisher Says WB is ‘Cherry-Picking’ Witnesses in Justice League Set Investigation

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It’s been a ride since HBO Max announced the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League next year. Cyborg actor Ray Fisher has called out people on the set for abusive behavior, leading to WB launching an investigation on what really happened. What’s terrible is, it looks like WB isn’t going through this process fairly.

Fisher reports on his Twitter that WB is cherry-picking witnesses to give statements in their favor. Here’s Fisher’s post:

Admittedly WB has not been handling this whole issue with Fisher’s allegations well. They have been blaming Fisher for not being cooperative with the investigation, to which Fisher explained in detail how he was not being properly informed about the process of his interrogation.

If anything, the public is behind Fisher and they want to know just what went down on the set of Justice League. What did Joss Whedon do that made Fisher say that he was being abusive towards the cast and the crew? And how were Jon Berg and Geoff Johns responsible for enabling him?

Admittedly, this has all been a shit show since Snyder had left Justice League back when they were still shooting it, and fans are just happy to see these issues come to light. With so much word about studio meddling and directors being pushed out of editing bays,  it’s great that we’re seeing some sort of clean-up behind-the-scenes.

Hopefully this all gets cleared out down the line because I don’t think the DCEU can properly move forward if these problems aren’t solved.

Catch Zack Snyder’s Justice League when it hits HBO Max some time in 2021.


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