Ray Fisher Refutes WB’s Accusations about Not Cooperating with Investigation

Ray Fisher Refutes WB’s Accusations about Not Cooperating with Investigation

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Cyborg actor Ray Fisher had made headlines when he had accused WB higher-ups Geoff Johns, Jon Berg, and Joss Whedon of abusive behaviour on the set of Justice League. WB had recently launched an investigation on the matter and had claimed that Fisher was uncooperative with the investigation. With that said, Fisher has posted about what went down on his end and claims that he had to cut the call short because he also needed to have a witness on the call for his own security.

This was his post:

There apparently has been a lot of confusion as to the difference between WB and Warner Media online. To be clear, WB is a branch under Warner Media—not unlike how Marvel Studios is a branch of Disney. It’s likely Fisher would want WM to handle the case seeing that WB may be concerned with protecting its own heads rather than do a non-biased investigation.

We don’t know how this will all go down, but people think that WB has made a huge flaw in trying to fire back at Fisher. If anything, people are still standing behind Fisher, seeing as this was the same studio that lied about Zack Snyder personally picking Joss Whedon to complete Justice League for him. After this whole debacle, I wonder if Fisher is still willing to work with the studio, what with a lot of people wanting him back onscreen as Cyborg for the Flash movie.

For now, Cyborg’s next appearance is going to be in Zack Snyder’s Justice League which comes out on HBO Max on 2021.

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