The Punisher’s Episode Titles Released

The Punisher’s Episode Titles Released

Netflix released the titles of all 13 episodes of The Punisher today via the show’s official Twitter feed. But as the Twitter accounts for Marvel’s Netflix shows are known for being playful, they couldn’t just say the names. Or rather they did… but in Morse code.

For those not fluent in Morse code, the episode titles are 3 AMTwo Dead Men, Kandahar, Resupply, Gunner, The Judas Goat, Crosshairs, Cold Steel, Front Toward Enemy, Virtue of the Viscous, Danger Close, Home, and Momento Mori. Those don’t tell us much, but there are a few clues that can be picked up.

Clues to The Punisher’s story

Kandahar is the most telling of the titles. In Daredevil’s second season, when Frank Castle was introduced, his former commanding officer Ray Schoonover hinted that the reason he tried to kill Castle, killing his family instead, had to do with an incident in Kandahar, Afghanistan’s second largest city. Schoonover says “It’s about what happened with you. With all of us. Kandahar. You think they would ever let that go?” Since that title was listed third, we can expect the series to delve into this Kandahar incident sooner rather than later.

The title for, if these are in order, episode ten refers to a quote from Oscar Wilde: “Patriotism is the virtue of the viscous.” This, along with Castle’s origins being born out of a military operation in Afghanistan, suggests that government forces will play a large role in The Punisher’s first season.

This is backed up by a short teaser which was released on the same Twitter feed, shortly after the episode titles. The teaser reveals several of the main characters, alongside images of heavily redacted files, giving the impression of government intelligence.

Also clearly visible in the teaser? The name “Schoonover.” If it weren’t clear that whatever Castle and his ex-CO did in Afghanistan was going to play a role yet, that drives it home.

We do know that Westworld’s Ben Barnes will be playing Billy Russo in the series, a character better known as Punisher nemesis Jigsaw. That Jigsaw is typically more connected to organized crime than government intelligence or military might seem to clash with these hints that the government will be opposing Castle. However, the Defenders-related shows have often switched up their villains partway through a season, so there’s likely room for both.

Netflix has not officially announced a firm release date for The Punisher, only that it will hit screens in 2017.

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