Production on Batman Solo Reportedly Delayed

Production on Batman Solo Reportedly Delayed

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Interestingly enough, this news will likely come as a shock to no one. According to Batman-On-Film, production on the impending Batman solo has been “pushed back… a couple of months.” This goes against details from Ben Affleck, who recently indicated filming would begin this Spring and that “everything is coming together.” However, Affleck has been quoted as saying that “if [the film] doesn’t come together in a way I think is really great, I’m not going to do it.” Could this delay be one reason for his hesitation? It’s possible.

In the past, the actor/director has spoken about wanting to get the script right, first. This rumor of a delay, as well as Affleck’s recent statements, seem to indicate the script isn’t quite up to the Batman’s standards. Following his “if it doesn’t come together” declaration, fans are worrying about the state of the movie. If Affleck doesn’t direct, who else will be brought on?


His reservations are completely understandable. After working so hard to redeem his comic book performances after the Daredevil film, the actor was burned by Batman v Superman. Despite being the most acclaimed part of the flick, the heat and the pressure is on. As such, if Justice League doesn’t perform leaps and bounds above its predecessors, the pressure will increase ten-fold. Affleck must be well aware of this. Therefore, his bluntness about concerns regarding Batman’s solo is beyond understandable; it’s admirable and welcomed.

If anything, this rumor, should it be proven true, may be a positive thing. Think of what would have happened had Suicide Squad been delayed at some point during production. Would it have made a significant difference? We’ll honestly never know. But the Batman movie has a chance to ensure everything is right before things even officially begin. Let’s be honest, as great as Affleck has been in the role, thus far, we’d rather have a delayed film, than a bad one. Both the Bat and the actor deserve better.

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