Preacher Season 2 Trailer Drops: What We Know About the New Villain

Preacher Season 2 Trailer Drops: What We Know About the New Villain

Preacher has proven to be a runaway hit for AMC. The series exemplifies what you get when combining a quaint, small-town narrative with divine forces and have the whole thing led by characters that make moral equivalency look not only good, but super badass. The Season 2 trailer is out and serves as a scrumptious appetizer for the ongoing rebellious road trip that is the show. It also teases what we kind of already knew, that Jesse and his small gang are up against an organization with far-reaching power. We already have a good idea who that is.

Fairly early in Season 1, we saw a reference to Grail Industries. Not much has been revealed about Grail Industries in the show, so far, but Tulip comes across the name on some paper work during her meeting with Danni in episode three. In this same episode, we are briefly introduced to a character in a white suit and hat standing in a dark theater. In an interview in July of 2016, Preacher EP and co-creator Sam Caitlin told Deadline that this character would play heavily in Season 2, and that fans of the comics would know who he was.

So, who is it? Well, in the comics, the Grail is an organization that (and you can probably guess this if you’ve read any Dan Brown) is tasked with protecting the bloodline of Christ. Of course, if you are familiar with the comic, it is questionable whether or not they’ve done a very good job of it (let us just say this “Messiah” isn’t good for much). One of the big shots of the Grail is a man named Herr Star, who in the comic book universe also has a rather unfortunate tendency toward getting himself horrifically injured. If he is in Season 2, we will see how much of that plays out on the show.

Should Grail Industries prove to be the major protagonist in the second season, then it stands to reason Herr Star will most likely follow suit. While we don’t yet know who will play him, Den of Geek has made a pretty interesting guess based on the three new actors currently slated for the next season, though their characters are not yet listed on IMDb. The three newcomers are Noah Taylor, Pip Torrens and Julie Ann Emery.

Along with the new characters, we also get a larger helping of our favorite sacrilegious clergyman. Season 2 of Preacher will have 13 episodes instead of 10. You can expect the show’s next run to begin this June.

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