Petition to Remove Matt Damon from Ocean’s 8 Gains Traction

Sexual harassment allegations have plagued a few A-list names in Hollywood in the last few months, and it seems like “Good Will Hunting” star Matt Damon has been caught in the raucous.

The latest installment of the Ocean’s franchise, Ocean’s 8, was recently released. Much to the excitement of audiences, most of the movie’s main cast is composed of women. Considering how the movie is supposed to champion female empowerment and Matt Damon’s recent comments alluding his support to Harvey Weinstein, a petition has since been created lobbying to remove Damon from Ocean’s 8.

The petition claims that Damon’s cameo from the movie should be removed not only because of his recent comments but because he allegedly squashed a New York Times article detailing the sexual harassment transgressions of Harvey Weinstein – a person that helped bolster his career.

“The all-female reboot of Oceans 8 was supposed to be an empowering film for women. The movie spotlight the talents of its tremendous female cast and showcase the savvy and prowess of its characters. But that was before allegations that Matt Damon — who has a well-publicized cameo in Oceans 8 — not only ignored but enabled his friend Harvey Weinstein’s inappropriate behavior by trying to squash a New York Times report in 2004 that detailed instances where Weinstein had used his position as a high-powered studio executive to harass and even assault women” read a part of the petition.

The petition further explains that Damon’s inclusion disrespects the women who have voiced out their experiences with Harvey Weinstein. It also further cements the notion that powerful men in the industry do not have to be accountable for their actions no matter how many men and women are hurt and compromised.

Earlier this month, Matt Damon sat down with ABC News to promote his latest movie “Downsizing.” During the interview, the topic of Harvey Weinstein and the sexual harassment allegations against him was brought up. Damon, who has worked closely with Weinstein in “Good Will Hunting” arguably the movie that catapulted his career, explained that he isn’t surprised about the things that he has heard about Weinstein. According to the actor, Weinstein has always been a womanizer.

“Nobody who made movies for him knew … Any human being would have put a stop to that, no matter who he was. They would’ve said absolutely not. You know what I mean? … I knew I wouldn’t want him married to anyone close to me. But that was the extent of what we knew, you know? And that wasn’t a surprise to anybody. So when you hear Harvey this, Harvey that — I mean, look at the guy. Of course, he’s a womanizer…I mean, I don’t hang out with him” quipped the actor during his interview with Peter Travers.

The petition currently has more than 23,000 signatures –  a few more until it reaches its goal of 25,000. The upcoming installment of the Ocean’s franchise, Ocean’s 8, is slated to premiere in June of next year.


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