Patrick Stewart Sticking Around for ‘X-Men’ Franchise

Patrick Stewart Sticking Around for ‘X-Men’ Franchise

Fans of Fox’s X-Men franchise needed support groups after Hugh Jackman announced that Logan would be his final appearance in the Wolverine series, but there is fresh news regarding Patrick Stewart’s Professor Charles Xavier that might just cheer them up.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight about the film, Stewart talked about his 17 year relationship with Jackman. He reflected on the ways Jackman had changed but highlighted that, “his charm and modesty and likeability has never changed.” He also added, “I believe what he does in Logan is quite extraordinary.” High praise from the knighted actor indeed. But when it comes to being done with the series, Stewart isn’t on the same page as Jackman; he is definitely on board for doing more in the franchise. “Hugh has raised the flag that says goodbye. I haven’t done that yet.”

In the trailers and cast photos, Professor Xavier doesn’t appear to be doing so well, so it’s hard to imagine how Stewart will continue in the franchise, but with James McAvoy’s portrayal of the young Professor X in X:Men: Apocalypse, perhaps there will be a movie that features both of them together. It is well-known that the two share a unique friendship; Stewart keeps a lock of hair from when McAvoy had to shave his head for his role, and McAvoy made sure to FaceTime Stewart so he could watch it happen.

With seventeen years and 10 films, the X-Men franchise certainly has a lot to be happy about. There’s still a possibility of recasting Wolverine, and it’s good to know at least one icon is sticking around for a bit longer. As Stewart himself explained last year, “Jean Grey vaporised me,” referring to his death in 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand. “From which you would think there would be no return. [But] the thing about science fiction and fantasy is that you can never, ever say it’s the end.”

Logan opens up in theaters on March 3.

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