Original Ghostbusters Director ‘Cried’ After Watching Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Original Ghostbusters Director ‘Cried’ After Watching Ghostbusters: Afterlife

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Had it not been for COVID-19, we would have already gotten to watch the return to the original Ghostbusters timeline with Ghostbusters: Afterlife in July; but the way things went down, we’ll have to wait until this June to catch the movie. The film is actually being directed by Jason Reitman, the son of original Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman, and the Afterlife director shares what the OG helmer thought of his follow-up.

Talking to Empire, Jason Reitman shares:

“My father hasn’t been leaving the house much because of Covid,… But he took a test, put on a mask and drove down to the Sony lot to watch the movie with the studio. And after, he cried, and he said, ‘I’m so proud to be your father.’ And it was one of the great moments of my life.”

Though some people may be shouting nepotism with Reitman taking over the baton for his father, I think it would be worth noting that Reitman already has a pretty solid track record as a director with films like Up in the Air and Thank You for Smoking. I am curious though, on how he’s going to handle a ‘franchise’ film like Ghostbusters.

ghostbusters afterlife Original Ghostbusters Director ‘Cried’ After Watching Ghostbusters: Afterlife

With the full-on reboot ultimately failing at the box office, Sony had opted to just come back to the original universe and make a reboot/sequel that focuses on new characters, but features some of the original cast. With Harold Ramis having passed, it looks like this sequel will be focusing on his grandchildren and their discovery of the world of ghosts and how to take them out.

When a single mother and her two children move to a new town, they soon discover that they have a connection to the original Ghostbusters and their grandfather’s secret legacy.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife is set to release on June 11.


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