Obama Lists Watchmen as One of His Top TV Shows of 2019

Obama Lists Watchmen as One of His Top TV Shows of 2019

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Barack Obama may not be the president anymore, but everyone still wants to know what he has to say about current events and whatnot. Before the end of the year, Obama has decided to share a list of his favorite films and TV shows, and what should make the short list of Obama’s top TV series—HBO’s Watchmen.

Check it out:

With the way Watchmen has been received by critics, it’s kind of unsurprising that it should make Obama’s list. Besides the interesting mystery surrounding the entire story, there are also very relevant themes on Racism and Equality. Though they didn’t come out as the main villains, it’s interesting to see an accurate depiction of the current White Supremacist head space with the 7th Kavalry.

Also, a lot of people think it’s fun that Fleabag made the list considering this was a scene from the first season:


Going back to Watchmen though, the series didn’t get as much buzz as Game of Thrones when it came out, but the fanbase is slowly growing. Though some people would love a second season, I kind of like how compact the narrative of the first season is; it kind of feels like expanding on the story might just ruin the perfect ending we got.

Then again, a lot of people doubted Damon Lindelof could pull of this kind of series in the first place. If he wants to push forward with a second season, I wouldn’t be too weary.

A second season has not been announced for HBO’s Watchmen.





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