‘No Man’s Sky’ Creator Met Elon Musk, Turned Down Kanye

‘No Man’s Sky’ Creator Met Elon Musk, Turned Down Kanye

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The last several years for No Man’s Sky creator Sean Murray have been nothing short of fantastic. The game was revealed in 2013 at the VGAs and has since had a whirlwind of publicity from all sides of the entertainment industry. The procedurally generated, open-universe space sim has garnered the attention of Stephen Colbert and apparently the likes of Steven Spielberg, Elon Musk and Kanye West, as well. However, Murray revealed in an interview with IGN that he’s not always able to devote time to those who seek it. Who can blame him? As Colbert noted in their interview together, the creator has essentially replaced Morgan Freeman with the task of playing God.

“Kanye West was at E3 [in 2015] and we got a message that he wanted to see the game and we weren’t actually on the show floor at E3. So we were like, ‘We’re not on the show floor and we’ve got Elon Musk to meet and Steven Spielberg so we can’t take that Kanye Meeting,'” Murray said. “It was one of my favorite things. So yeah, that was a weird day… This game has put me in one weird situation after another.”

Of course, No Man’s Sky would spark the interest of SpaceX founder Elon Musk. With that meeting came a fascinating conversation and Murray getting the opportunity to tour SpaceX.

“We talked about loads of stuff. We just talked about normal things. I mean, obviously, he’s a normal person. We talked about laptops and stuff like that,” he laughed. “He’s an incredibly nice guy and obviously super, super smart.” The two also discussed artificial intelligence and the work Musk is doing on self-driving vehicles.

“He’s fascinating,” Murray continued. “He has kind of a way of talking that you’re not… like he’s obviously thinking as much as he’s talking. So we would keep waiting for him to just like ask us to leave and we ended up staying there. He had other meetings that were queuing up waiting for him… but we just stayed and chatted. He’s really, really good to chat to.”

In essence, the game is meant to give players a taste of what Musk talks about one day achieving — the ability to explore other planets. However, perhaps even he would have to admit that what Hello Games has created is a bit more ambitious, as far as the scope of possibility is concerned. Reaching the center of the universe is the game’s end goal, and Murray and the team have already hinted at there being millions of things in the game that players will never discover. It’s that big and that dynamic.


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The universe will be ours for the taking once No Man’s Sky hits PS4 and PC this summer on June 21.


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