Nintendo Switch Presentation Live Blog

Nintendo Switch Presentation Live Blog

After almost two months since its initial unveiling in October, it’s finally time to see everything the Nintendo Switch has to offer. Price. Release date. Launch titles and everything else that can make the new console a success. There seems to be a lot of hype surrounding this presentation, with E3 levels of excitement. So we’re going to try something a little different for the presentation, with a live blog featuring updates for all that’s unveiled. To make it even more convenient, the presentation can also be found on the bottom. ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN!?


Last second predictions. Release date March 19th, Price $250.

UPDATE 11:03

Release Date: March 3, 2017

Price: $299.99

UPDATE 11:04

Online Service will be free until the Fall of 2017. Unknown price until then.

No Region Locking.

UPDATE 11:07

Video showing how the console functions. The Switch Docking station is plugged into the TV through an HDMI cable. It has different modes/style of playing. The traditional way on the TV. Using the kickstand, and attaching the joy cons to the side for when you’re on the go.

Battery life is 3-6 hours depending on the game

Up to 8 Switchs through local Wi-Fi

UPDATE 11:12

Showcasing the Joy Cons, there is an NFC reader in the right joy con for Amiibo.

Both controllers have L and R bumpers on the top. Looks natural and comfortable in his hands.


UPDATE 11:15

Some cool new motion control being shown off in the Joy Con.

New game being shown, 1,2 Switch. The Wii Sports and Nintendoland of the Switch. Showcases the new Joy Cons.

UPDATE 11:20

1,2 Switch looks like they’re going the route of the Wii, want to involve everyone.

UPDATE 11:21

Already tired of the numerous Switch puns.

Update 11:24

Another new boxing game called ARMS. Think Punch Out with slinky arms. Uses Joy Cons to punch and shoot.

UPDATE 11:28

New Splatoon! Can you say DUAL WIELDING!? New weapons and maps. It’s a sequel! Splatoon 2 Confirmed! Can use Jon Cons and Pro Controller. Can use gyro to aim. Not at launch, coming this summer.

UPDATE 11:33

MARIO! Looks very Mario 64/Galaxy. Incredible variety of stages. Big City, Ancient Ruins, Mexican type village. Looks like classic/ fun Mario. Super Mario Odyssey! I love the title. Theme is journey to an unknown world. Eyes on Mario’s cap. New character. Coming Holiday 2017.

UPDATE 11:38

New game from Monolith. Tales of Symphonia meets Xenoblade, looks beautiful and has a great art style. Simply called Xenoblade 2. Fire Emblem Warriors is Koei Tecmo’s new game for the Switch.

UPDATE 11:41

Going through the 3rd Parties, All the Dragon Quest games from Square Enix. New project from Square, feels like an old Final Fantasy game.

New game from Atlus,uses Unreal 4 Engine, Shin Megami.

Skyrim is coming to Switch!

UPDATE 11:46

No More Heroes sequel coming, I think? Translator is really struggling right now, feel bad for him.

UPDATE 11:50

EA is on now. FIFA is coming to the Switch. REALLY smart move for Nintendo. If they can get that crowd to come to the Switch, huge market there.Playing on the go is a big draw.

UPDATE 11:55

Out of the box you get the console, Joy cons,HDMI cord, Dock, and much more.

UPDATE 12:00

Breath of the Wild will release at launch on March 3 2017! The system will sell very well. Event in NYC to play starting tomorrow. New Trailer!!! Wow, absolutely breathtaking. VOICE ACTING!?!?! HOLY CHRIST!?!?!

UPDATE 12:06

WOW! What a way to end the show! That trailer was incredible! I’m so excited! I hope you guys are too! Hope you guys had as much fun as I did. I’m going to break that trailer down tomorrow for Zelda. Great, great show. Looking for the Preorder now. Thank you so much! That’s all I have or you! May the Force be with you!


Image via Nintendo


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