Nintendo Switch’s Screen is Reportedly Multi-Touch

Nintendo Switch’s Screen is Reportedly Multi-Touch

Nintendo sent the Internet in overdrive last week when their latest device was finally announced. The Nintendo Switch, formerly known as the NX, is a handheld/console hybrid. The device is set to provide console gaming on the go in its fullest form. The video released alongside the reveal was incredibly exciting, yet few details are known about it. What’s the cost, how efficient is battery life… the list could continue on. Although, one report from Eurogamer may offer a bit more insight on the Switch’s screen.

The information comes via Eurogamer sources, some of which include those who were right about rumors regarding the design of Nintendo Switch and the detachable controllers. This new report states the device has a 6.2″ multi-touch screen with a 720p resolution. “Switch’s screen is a 10-point multi-touch display, meaning multi-finger gestures are supported.” If true, this is a first for a Nintendo device. Both of its past touch screen devices, Wii U and the 3DS, were single-touch only.

Now we’re left with wondering why the Big N didn’t include these details in the reveal trailer. Perhaps the concern was in overwhelming the audience with a deluge of information. Truth be told, it would have been a lot to think in the three minute look. The trailer already gave us a multitude of control options to expect. Maybe an additional blurb on yet another option would’ve been overboard. However, it is pertinent news. This only means they have that much more to explain when the time comes for the unveiling of the device’s specs.

If the on-board touch screen runs 720p native, what does this mean for the resolution it can output on a television screen? Can it output in 1080p or higher? If not, what does this say in regards to the power within the machine itself? Consumers will have plenty of questions in the months that follow — most of them will be answered at a January 12th event in Tokyo.

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