New ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Mode Revealed

New ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Mode Revealed

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A new mode is coming to Star Wars Battlefront Electronic Arts have announced today, allowing players to reenact one of the franchise’s most iconic moments.

Coming through Battlefront’s Death Star expansion, this new mode called Battle Station consists of three stages that players will battle through (via GameSpot). The first phase of the mode will see Rebel players flying X-Wings and A-Wings in space against opposing Imperial players, with the goal to whittle down enough of the Imperial forces so a team of Y-Wing bombers can weaken their Star Destroyer. If the Imperial side fail to win the skirmish even with the help of AI ships, then the Rebel players can shoot the Star Destroyer’s weak spots to try and bring it down. Many early adopters of Star Wars Battlefront criticised the game for it’s lack of space battles, but this new mode aims to fill that void if you will.

Moving onto the second phase of the Battle Station mode, play will shift to ground-based combat if the Rebels won the previous phase. Players will fight inside the Death Star itself, with the objective of the Rebels to extract a droid and the Imperial’s goal to prevent that from happening. New heroes Chewbacca and Bossk will be available to use during this encounter.

If play reaches the third stage then the fight will return to space as the Rebels aim to destroy the Death Star once and for all (kinda). Have you worked out what famous scene you can recreate yet? That’s right, players can become Luke Skywalker and fly his Red-5 X-wing to take out the Death Star just like from A New Hope. EA have yet to confirm if the voice of Obi-Won will be incorporated to help you channel the force and make that one in a million shot. But how awesome would that be if it was in there. Even if it isn’t in there, you can that guarantee players will be screaming “I can’t shake him” every time they’re being shot at by a TIE Fighter.

Alongside the Battle Station mode, the Death Star expansion will also net players new Star Cards and weapons when it launches sometime in September. Star Wars Battlefront is also getting an expansion based on Rouge One: A Star Wars Story which will release later in the year, likely December.

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