Frank Castle is Out For Revenge in New Punisher Trailer

Frank Castle is Out For Revenge in New Punisher Trailer

A new Punisher trailer has hit the internet, and like the show’s star, it is not taking prisoners. The blood-soaked new trailer makes it very clear that the latest Marvel Netflix series is not pulling any punches. Check out the trailer below.

The new Punisher trailer seems to be borrowing a trick from June’s Baby Driver, with the various sounds of violence timed to the hard-edged guitars and drums of the music. It’s unlikely that the show will follow suit, lacking Edgar Wright as a director, but as an effect for the trailer it brings an epic quality to scenes of Frank Castle preparing his weapons or unloading on enemy soldiers.

The trailer also makes it clear that the focus of this first season will be on the secrets of Castle’s origin, the military conspiracy introduced in Daredevil that led to his family’s deaths in a gang fight. In his first arc on Daredevil, Castle went to war against the gangs involved, earning the name “the Punisher,” but by the end of the season he learned that the true cause of their deaths dates back to something that happened while he was serving in Afghanistan.

The trailer also shows the first stages of Castle’s partnership with Micro, who insists they should work together.

“One condition,” says Castle. “I’m gonna kill them all.”

“Yeah, I can live with that,” Micro replies, and a partnership is forged.

There aren’t many details on the men behind Castle’s enemies, with only brief glimpses of a government official (likely the one who has set the FBI and Homeland Security against Castle) and Ben Barnes’ Billy Russo. If Russo becomes his comic counterpart Jigsaw, a gangster with a heavily scarred face thanks to a run-in with the Punisher, they’re keeping that a secret for now.

Netflix has still not announced a release date for The Punisher, with everything but the year 2017 blocked out in the trailer. There have been rumors that the show will drop in November.

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