New ‘Power Rangers’ Image Offers Another Look at Costumes

New ‘Power Rangers’ Image Offers Another Look at Costumes

The redesign of the classic Mighty Morphin outfits for Saban/Liongate‘s upcoming Power Rangers movie reboot has been nothing but controversial, so far. Gone is the brightly-coloured spandex from the show, and in its place are muted mecha-suits with glowing chest areas that look like they could have been invented by Tony Stark. While final judgement on the teenagers with attitude’s new look can’t really be given until we see them in action, we have now got a closer look at the outfits in a newly released image. See it below.

Image via Saban/Lionsgate

From left to right, you have Kimberly (Pink Ranger), Billy (Blue Ranger), Jason (Red Ranger), Zack (Black Ranger) and Trini (Yellow Ranger). The fact that the image shows the heroes without their face plates would be unusual if it was the original show, but is completely in keeping with modern superhero films. Just how many times does Iron Man whip off his helmet so that we don’t forget that it’s Robert Downey Jr. in there?

This is expected to be just a taster of what is to come at this weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con, where a teaser trailer for the movie is thought to be released. Let’s hope the rumour is correct, as we can’t wait to see the new Rangers in action. Right now, the movie could go either way, and a trailer would likely give us a much better feel for whether it will sink or swim.

Directed by Project: Almanac‘s Dean Israelite, Power Rangers stars (in order of the image above) Naomi Scott, RJ Cyler, Dacre Montgomery, Ludi Lin and Becky G. They are supported by Bryan Cranston as disembodied mentor Zordon and Elizabeth Banks as their nemesis Rita Repulsa. After 1000 years (not really), the movie is free to conquer earth when it is released on March 24, 2017.

Featured Image via Saban/Lionsgate


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