New Clip has Venom Taking Down an Entire SWAT Team

New Clip has Venom Taking Down an Entire SWAT Team

September is almost ending, and we’re getting closer to the release of Sony’s Venom. We might have already gotten all the major trailers for the movie, but now Sony has dropped a clip of Venom absolutely tearing through an entire SWAT team.

We don’t know which part of the movie this will be from, but I guess Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) has already familiarized with the symbiote a little since he’s apparently doing witty dialogue with him now before going into action.

Like all the other trailers, I’m sure the fans love how Venom looks, but are left scratching their heads when it comes to the choices of dialogue. I mean, sure the ‘so many snacks’ line was lifted straight from the comics, but the ‘turd in the wind’ monologue had become infamously terrible.

If anything, reception for Venom has been coming out a tad mixed. Sure a lot of people love how the character looks in the trailers, but seeing that his origin isn’t even connected to Spider-Man (or the fact that he may never meet Spider-Man at all) is leaving others to hope that this movie fails so Sony will learn its lesson and leave everything for Marvel Studios to decide creatively.

It also doesn’t help that more Spider-Man characters like Silver Sable, Black Cat, Morbius, and Kraven the Hunter are gearing up for their own movies.

Slow down, Sony.

Venom hits theaters Oct. 5.



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