Mozart in a Go Kart: Edgar Wright Unveils New Baby Driver TV Spot

Mozart in a Go Kart: Edgar Wright Unveils New Baby Driver TV Spot

Baby, he can drive. There’s even more evidence of this thanks to director, Edgar Wright, tweeting out a new TV spot for his upcoming film, Baby Driver.

There’s more vroom and tunes in this little clip. Ansel Elgort is behind the wheel as Baby, the driver. The film is beginning to feel like a Edgar Wright homage to Ryan Gosling’s Driver but we’ll find out. The bad guys are in place and Kevin Spacey is….well, Kevin Spacey.

People love great bank robbery stories, Spacey tells the audience. His speech of how great of a robbery he could give plays over the speedy pursuits of Baby and his robbery gang. A masked Mike Myers (guessing a play on Michael Myers masks) strolls up, gun in hand. This seems to give more evidence to the fact this movie is going to be about a bank robbery of sorts. Jon Hamm and Jamie Foxx round out the robbery crew.

What stands out in the clip, is the driving; there’s some serious stunt skills on display. There’s even a sense of self realization when Spacey talks about everyone chatting about his robbery over their lattes (cut to a latte with Baby’s name on it). Edgar Wright’s style of comedy always finds a way. Regardless, what we can pull from the tiny TV spot is that Wright has made an action flick. The Point Break, Drive feelings loom large. If only a cornetto were to show up, but hey who’s to say it won’t?

Baby Driver and Wright have also given us the hashtag #MozartInaGoKart. It’s a sign of the music tie in that is to come. Baby seems to always have headphones in while he’s seen driving and thus, Mozart in a Go Kart. And for that we thank you Mr. Wright.

Baby Driver arrives June 28th with the promise of a f-ing good movie and some really great tunes. Let’s drive, baby.


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