Netflix Finally Releases Trailer for BoJack Horseman 5

Netflix Finally Releases Trailer for BoJack Horseman 5

Netflix has a lot of great animated originals, and one of them is undoubtedly Raphael Bob-Waksberg’s BoJack Horseman. The show is gearing up to release its fifth season, and a new trailer has dropped to get us hyped for the September premiere.

Check it out:

We don’t really get much clues on the plot. However, the main driving point is undoubtedly BoJack getting cast in Princess Carolyn’s passion project Philbert. If you watched the last season, you’ll know that Carolyn was expecting a child and was planning to name it Philbert. However, after her miscarriage, she broke it off with her mouse boyfriend and decided to push through with her career.

Besides the trailer, we also get a bunch of new images for the show including a poster. One image also hints that Diane actually broke things off with Mr. Peanut Butter, as she’s seen welcoming BoJack into a messy apartment dressed in a skimpy outfit.

Bob-Waksberg also had this to say about the upcoming season:

‘BoJack stars in a new TV show, playing a character with disturbing parallels to BoJack’s real life, echoes that force BoJack to confront himself & his past … but the main thing that happens this season is Diane gets a haircut’

Catch BoJack Horseman 5 on Netflix Sept. 14.


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