Neil Gaiman Talks about ‘Apalling’ Pitches for Sandman Movie

Neil Gaiman Talks about ‘Apalling’ Pitches for Sandman Movie

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The movie adaptation of Sandman had spent years in development hell, but Netflix is finally taking over and giving us a Sandman series. While some would have loved to see Morpheus come to life in the big screen, author Neil Gaiman is ultimately happier that the adaptation is becoming a series.

Talking to Radio Times, Gaiman talks about how the scripts that he had read for the Sandman film have been nothing but disappointing.

He says, “I’ve read lots of scripts that ranged from the appalling to ‘OK, they might be able to pull this off’. But you always read them going, ‘Well, it’s not quite Sandman. It’s taking some Sandman stuff from over here, and taking some Sandman stuff over there, and blending it together.’”

With the upcoming show though, Gaiman is happy to see that a lot of things are going to be included from the graphic novel. Gaiman continues:

“The joy for doing it as a Netflix series is we aren’t in the place where we’re throwing things out. In fact, it’s the other way round.

“Sometimes that means that a lot more stuff gets to happen because we have room for it. But we’re never throwing things out, and we’re never abandoning things. And that, in itself, is a complete joy.”

While it’s certainly great that Gaiman is enthusiastic about the series, I’m taking it with a cautiously optimistic approach. For one, series usually can’t go all out with visuals because of their budget, and Sandman has always kind of relied on surreal visuals. What’s more, being able to include everything is not necessarily a plus; multiple Netflix shows have dragged in attempts to fulfill the episode count, and even then including everything in an adaptation doesn’t necessarily translate to good TV.

Then again, it could be great. Until we get an official look, we’ll just have to wait and see.

No release date has been set for Netflix’s Sandman, but you can check out the audio drama on Audible.


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