More Details on the Villain Grimmel from How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

More Details on the Villain Grimmel from How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

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After Drago Bludvist, the third How to Train Your Dragon film will introduce us to dragon hunter Grimmel (played by F. Murray Abraham) as the main villain. Director Dean DeBlois talks about Grimmel a bit and tells us what kind of character Hiccup is dealing with in the upcoming movie.

Talking to ScreenRant, DeBlois explains:

“Grimmel is of the belief that dragons need to be eliminated or enslaved. Put them in a zoo if you must, but he does not want a world in which dragons roam free. He sees himself as a superior species, and made his name by wiping out the most feared dragons known to mankind. Those were the Night Furies. Toothless is a discovery that’s made in this movie, but [Grimmel] has built his name and his fame on being the man who drove Night Furies to extinction.”

Unlike Bludvist who actually wanted to use dragons to keep himself in power, it looks like DeBlois downright hates the creatures. What’s hypocritical, though, is it looks like he still rides dragons, pretty much like Hiccup does.

DeBlois continues:

“On a fundamental level Hiccup believes that dragons are misunderstood, and that given the chance we could all live peacefully together. And Grimmel, he’s just all about intolerance. [He thinks] dragons are vermin. They are the enemy, they must be suppressed or removed. He cannot tolerate a world in which he has to live with dragons, and the idea that there’s some young Viking chief on the island of Berk trying to teach people that they can all live together is personally offensive to him.”

Seeing that the franchise has steadily matured over the years, I’m curious what kind of growth Hiccup will get with this third movie. It has been confirmed that The Hidden World will mark the end of the franchise, so I hope DreamWorks has something planned that will end HTTYD with a bang.

Catch How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World in theaters March 1, 2019.


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