Mary Poppins Returns Sequel In the Works

Mary Poppins Returns Sequel In the Works

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Aquaman may have dominated the box office last month, but Mary Poppins Returns is slowly catching up already earning $260 million for Disney. As it turns out, the sequel is already in the works, and we could be seeing more of Emily Blunt as everyone’s favorite magical nanny.

Talking to The Sun, director Rob Marshall talks about the sequel saying, “It is early stages but I will say right now that there were eight books, so there’s a lot of great material still to mine. That’s what we worked from, those incredible eight books of P.L. Travers. So, you know…”

Emily Blunt herself has talked about how open she is to starring in a sequel, and it’s probably good news for her that Disney agrees.

While Disney is working on several live-action reboots of classic films, I’m more onboard with a  film like Mary Poppins Returns which looks to build on the original. Blunt was said to have absolutely crushed the role, and it also helps that the film has a lot of fantastic music and choreography.

Now an adult with three children, bank teller Michael Banks learns that his house will be repossessed in five days unless he can pay back a loan. His only hope is to find a missing certificate that shows proof of valuable shares that his father left him years earlier. Just as all seems lost, Michael and his sister receive the surprise of a lifetime when Mary Poppins — the beloved nanny from their childhood — arrives to save the day and take the Banks family on a magical, fun-filled adventure.

Mary Poppins Returns is now in theaters.


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