Mary Poppins Returns in Wonderful New Trailer

Mary Poppins Returns in Wonderful New Trailer

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Disney may not be releasing a Star Wars movie for the holiday season, but they are setting up for a reboot of magical proportions with Mary Poppins Returns. A new full trailer for the movie has dropped, and the film looks just as magical as the original.

Check it out:

Emily Blunt perfectly captures the spirit of Julie Andrews’ performance in the sense that Mary Poppins is nice to kids, but she is also quite strict. We also have a Lin-Manuel Miranda playing the role of Jack, the spiritual successor of Dick Van Dyke’s Bert.

Interestingly enough, Miranda will actually get to do a bit of rapping in this movie, and he’s pretty much opening the film just like Van Dyke did. Director Rob Marshall tells ScreenRant:

“[Jack] is kind of an everyman, his character, and Lin understands that. The kind of character Dick Van Dyke played, which is the kind of character he’s playing, not a chimney sweep, but a lamplighter, but there are a lot of similarities. At the beginning of the film he’s rapping like he’s a one-man band, which just felt so right for him.”

Speaking of Van Dyke, he’s also in this movie in the role of Mr. Dawes Jr.; in the original, he played the part of Dawes Sr., the boss of Mr. Banks.

The film looks absolutely gorgeous. Besides the wonderful sets and colors, we’re also promised a scene with 2D animation—much like the original. Hopefully Returns has some more surprises up its sleeve though.

Besides Blunt, Miranda, and Van Dyke, the movie also promises appearances from a star-studded cast which includes Meryl Streep, Angela Lansbury, Colin Firth, Ben Wishaw, and Emily Mortimer.

Catch Mary Poppins Returns in theaters Dec. 19.


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