Marvel Studios Could Start Development for X-Men Films Early 2019

Marvel Studios Could Start Development for X-Men Films Early 2019

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The Disney acquisition of Fox is said to be finalized next year, but the big question on everyone’s mind is when the Fox Marvel characters will make their way to the MCU. As it turns out, development can start pretty early.

Talking to Variety, Marvel head Kevin Feige explains, “We’ve been told it’s looking very, very good and could happen in the first six months of next year.”

I’m sure a lot of fans are relieved that Marvel can start working on the property sooner rather than later. With projects like Dark Phoenix, New Mutants, X-Force, and Gambit in development, it would a hassle to see more films get pumped out straying further from the MCU storyline. While I’m not opposed to presenting a multiverse, I would rather see a reboot of the characters as more faithful to the comic.

The only character they should keep the same is Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds has worked too much and too hard to bring that character to life.

Feige also had this to say about working on the characters:

“The notion of the characters coming back is great. It’s nice when a company that created all these characters can have access to all those characters. It’s unusual not to. But in terms of actually thinking about it and actually planning things, we haven’t started that yet.”

We don’t know when the characters are coming to the MCU, but with development starting in 2019, we could be looking at our new introduction to the X-Men sometime in 2022.


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