Marvel and Star Wars Films to Feature on Disney’s Streaming Service

Marvel and Star Wars Films to Feature on Disney’s Streaming Service

In what is considered to be a huge punch to Netflix, Disney have decided to remove their Marvel and Star Wars films. Disney CEO Bob Iger says the company will move their Marvel/Star Wars properties to their new streaming service. The service will launch in 2019.

Iger announced his plans at the Q&A at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Media, Communications and Entertainment conference at Beverly Hills this Thursday. Many people have speculated whether Marvel and Lucasfilm properties would be allowed to stay on Netflix after the streaming announcement. This came at a particularly tense time for Netflix who were busy with the launch of Marvel’s The Defenders. This particular show streams only on Netflix. At the time, Iger was unsure whether all Disney movies would be put onto the new service or just the Marvel and Lucasfilm titles. He says “we’ve now decided we will put the Marvel and Star Wars movies on this app as well.”

An infusion of new and old Disney

He also mentioned that Disney will be adding several original movies onto the streaming service. This move will likely pull in more consumers. It is not yet known if this will pull customers away from Netflix as the streaming giant already has big titles in their library.

Alongside new titles, Disney will also be adding over 500 old films and 7,000 episodes to their new library. Iger did not mention a weekly or monthly subscription fee but he did talk about the additional ESPN sporting app. This will be see its release early next year. He commented that if “you’re a big sporting fan, it will be all on one app.”

This will be serviced on BAMTech which largely deal with media companies and other streaming services. It is not known if The Defenders or other Marvel TV properties will leave Netflix such as Iron Fist or Jessica Jones but it’s a definite known that both Marvel and Star Wars films will find a new home on Disney’s streaming service.

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