5 Marvel Heroes Who Deserve a Netflix Series

5 Marvel Heroes Who Deserve a Netflix Series

1. Black Widow (and Hawkeye)

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The recent announcement that Kevin Feige and his cohorts at Marvel are actively working on a Black Widow solo movie is terrific news, as the character is long overdue her own headliner. However, we can’t help thinking the character might be a better fit for a Netflix series.

Obviously it would be tricky to pin Scarlett Johansson down for the length of a TV show, but that wouldn’t be a problem as the series could be a prequel and explore the character’s past before The Avengers, where she carried out missions for SHIELD alongside Hawkeye. Of course, the difficult thing would be to find young actors good enough to take over from ScarJo and Jeremy Renner. Though, actually, Renner himself might be up for it.

There have been a lot of hints at Black Widow and Hawkeye’s early years (what exactly happened in Budapest?) so there would be much to explore in the show. Plus, on a geeky level, it would directly tie into the films more than the current crop of Netflix shows.

These are our picks for potential new Marvel shows. Let us know your ideas in the comments.


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