5 Marvel Heroes Who Deserve a Netflix Series

5 Marvel Heroes Who Deserve a Netflix Series

4. Captain Britain


Well, one patriotic character has been a massive success on the screen in Captain America, so why can’t Marvel next take a stab at launching his counterpart from across the pond?

One problem with a Captain Britain series is that his rights are potentially tied up with the X-Men over at Fox, as the character was a founding member of mutant superteam Excalibur. If Marvel can sort that out, however, a series starring the other Cap could be a lot of fun. It probably wouldn’t be as gritty as previous Netflix series, but who says they can’t have as much variation of tone as the films do. There is also the potential to explore the magical side of the MCU, in the wake of Doctor Strange, as Captain Britain (real name Brian Braddock) was originally gifted his powers by the sorcerer Merlyn.

There were rumours a few months ago that Captain Britain was getting his own series, but that seems to be even less corroborated than the Blade and friends report, so we’ll leave him on this list for now.


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