Marvel Cinematic Universe Passes $10 Billion At Box Office

Thanks to a staggering $940 million at the worldwide box office for Captain America: Civil War, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has now officially passed $10 billion across its 13 films. Back in 2009, after only Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk had been brought to the screen, Disney bought Marvel for a whopping $4 billion. At the time, many wondered if the company would prove to be worth that much. Well, it’s probably safe to say Disney is now very happy with their purchase.

ComicBook.Com announced the news, along with this handy breakdown of the earnings of each MCU movie, listed from the highest-grossing to the least.

The Avengers = $1,519,557,910
Avengers: Age Of Ultron = $1,405,413,868
Iron Man 3 = $1,215,439,994
Captain America: Civil War = $940,892,078
Guardians Of The Galaxy = $773,312,399
Captain America: The Winter Soldier = $714,421,503
Thor: The Dark World = $644,602,516
Iron Man 2 = $623,933,331
Iron Man = $585,174,222
Ant-Man = $519,445,163
Thor = $449,326,618
Captain America: The First Avenger = $370,569,774
The Incredible Hulk = $263,427,551

As you can see, even the least-grossing installment – The Incredible Hulk – earned an impressive amount, meaning that not one of these movies can be labelled a flop. Things don’t look about to change either, as Marvel has a number of sure-to-be big-hitters on the slate. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, the sequel to the 2014 mega-smash, arrives in 2017, as does the Spider-Man reboot Spider-Man: Homecoming. There is also Avengers: Infinity War – Parts One and Two coming in 2018 and 2019, respectively. Marvel will definitely be hoping that they give the first two Avengers movies a run for their money.

Captain America: Civil War is in cinemas now. The next MCU movie to be released is Doctor Strange, which is due out in the US this November 4th. You can bet that it will make a ton of cash.


Image via The Walt Disney Co./Marvel Studios


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