Mark Ruffalo Comforts Chris Evans After Nude Leak

Mark Ruffalo Comforts Chris Evans After Nude Leak

Captain America star Chris Evans had found himself trending when he had accidentally shared a photo of his “flagpole” online, and the photo of “America’s D*ck” had been making the rounds on social media. While we don’t have an official statement from Evans about what happened (besides him hastily deleting the photo), Avengers co-star Mark Ruffalo has decided to share some words of comfort.

This was Ruffalo’s post on Twitter:

If you want to see the photo that leaked, I’m sure you can dig around online for it yourself because I don’t want to add any more fuel to that fire. Oddly enough, fans have been reacting very positively to the leak; besides people praising Evans for his endowment, they have also been posting wholesome photos of Evans in an attempt to drown out the posts spreading the photo. Now Twitter is being flooded with photos of Evans playing with dogs and Evans in his cozy Knives Out sweater.


Going back to Ruffalo though, it looks like he still has a part to play in the MCU moving forward. While Captain America may have bowed out of the fight, the Hulk is still pretty much present, and I think people expect him to be there when the new roster of Avengers is formed. Let’s also not forget that Disney+ is working on a She-Hulk series; while I don’t expect Hulk to be in every episode, I think he should at least guest star for one or two chapters.

For now, the next Marvel film, Black Widow is set for a release on Nov. 6.


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