Lupita Nyong’o Confirms Participation in New Jordan Peele Film

Lupita Nyong’o Confirms Participation in New Jordan Peele Film

2017 was a great year for film – both actors and filmmakers. It was a year of stunning performances and incredible storytelling. Undoubtedly, Kenyan-Mexican actress, Lupita Nyong’o, and Keegan and Peele alum and Get Out director, Jordan Peele are amongst the year’s stand-outs. Fortunately for their fans, it seems like the two powerhouses are teaming up in an upcoming feature.

On Twitter, Nyong’o confirmed her participation in the latest Peele production – Us. Aside from posting the official poster of the film, the actress didn’t delve much into the details of the movie. However, it is expected that Us would premiere on March 2019 and would be written and directed by Jordan Peele:

“A new nightmare from the mind of Academy Award winner Jordan Peele.” read a part of the poster.

There isn’t much information floating around about Us. However, according to a report by The Hollywood Reporter, the movie would tackle the dynamic between two couples – one black, the other white. The article further speculates that Black Panther’s Winston Duke and The Handmaid’s Tale’s Elisabeth Moss are in talks to star in the film. Thus far, neither actors have commented on the rumors about their participation in Us.

For now, the movie is still shrouded with mystery. Nevertheless, Peele has spoken previously about Get Out and a then unnamed project. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the actor and award-winning director explained that in writing Get Out he was thinking about his favorite movie that hadn’tbeen created yet. With that said, he understands the pressure that comes from creating a follow-up to a hit. However at this point, he is just trying to enjoy himself with his new project:

“I mean, you nailed it. What do I do next? How do I top this? And you know, and I think it’s important to focus on stories that are true to me. I go, when writing Get Out, my sort of mantra is or was, let’s write my favorite film I haven’t seen yet. So I think it’s easy to get sort of bogged down in how does this compare to the first one, how does that compare. When all is said and done, my next film, I am currently writing it and I’ll direct for Universal this year, I’m just trying to entertain myself again.” explained Peele.

When asked about his upcoming project, Peele explained that while he is trying something new, the social thriller genre is too broad that there is a lot to explore:

“A little bit of both. One thing I know is that this is genre; and playing around with the thriller, horror, action, fun, genre of intrigue is my favorite. That’s my sweet spot. So I think tonally it should resemble Get Out. That said, I want to make a completely different movie. I want to address something different than race in the next one. So yeah, every choice has really either pretty big ramifications because it is the second.”

You can view the official poster of Us here.


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