Leaked ‘Dead Rising 4’ Images Tease Setting

Leaked ‘Dead Rising 4’ Images Tease Setting

The week of leaks and rumors continues as the previously outed, but still unconfirmed, Dead Rising 4 faces yet another leak that adds to the game’s images. These screenshots, which can be viewed in the gallery below, offer a tease at what appears to be the latest title being set during the Holiday season.

The newly leaked image, a shot of the protagonist, Frank West, being surrounded by a zombie horde in police car, seems to confirm earlier suspicions that the series’ latest entry would indeed be set in the fictional town of Williamette, Colorado. The fictional Williamette was the location of the first Dead Rising, although it took place in a mall environment, while the above images allude to players exploring the city openly. The screenshots also confirm new gameplay and weapon options, i.e. the exosuit, while a few tried and true methods are clearly set to make a return — the baseball bat and chainsaw.

E3 begins this week and if the leaks and rumors concerning Dead Rising 4 are real, which they certainly look to be, an official reveal is expected to be given during Microsoft’s press conference on Monday morning, June 13. Because Dead Rising 3 was launch title and console exclusive for the Xbox One, news of the fourth entry being one as well would not be surprising. Hopefully, we’ll know more in the coming days.

Images and Source: NeoGaf via DualShockers


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