Knives Out Director Rian Johnson Developing Sequel

Knives Out Director Rian Johnson Developing Sequel

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Rian Johnson had turned the Agatha Christie novel over its head with Knives Out, and news has it that he’s going to be working on a sequel with Daniel Craig’s detective Benoit Blanc set to return.

Talking to The Hollywood Reporter, Johnson has confirmed that he’s going to be working on a follow-up to Knives Out, and it will have Craig’s Blanc character investigating a new case. “Daniel had so much fun doing it,” said Johnson’s producing partner Ram Bergman, “… and he wants to do more.”

While some were hoping that Johnson would start work with his Star Wars trilogy for Lucasfilm, it looks like he wants to put this sequel in priority. Johnson has said that he wants to ‘make the pic quickly’ and that he’s aiming for production to start sometime next year.

While I loved Knives Out, I always kind of thought that Benoit Blanc is more of a side character and the main protagonist has always been Ana de Armas’ Marta. I’m curious if Blanc will continue to be this kind of character in the sequel, or whether he’ll just be another “fly-on-the-wall” persona. Either way, I hope Johnson has a good idea in mind, otherwise, why would he be so focused on working on the sequel so quickly?

After The Last Jedi and Knives Out, I think Johnson has made audiences aware of his ability to subvert expectations when it comes to certain stories. While we kind of have an idea on what to expect in a murder mystery sequel, maybe Johnson already has another way in his head on how to surprise us as an audience.

No release date has been set for the sequel to Knives Out, and we don’t have any idea when Johnson’s Star Wars trilogy is set to release.



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