‘The Killing Joke’ Bonus Features, Deluxe Edition Details

‘The Killing Joke’ Bonus Features, Deluxe Edition Details

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Special features for the film based on Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke were previously revealed, but now there’s been confirmation as to what those features are exactly. Additionally, the film’s digital release dates and a deluxe edition have been announced. If waiting until it hits store shelves seems too long, check below for when you can gain access to the madness a few days earlier.

On July 23 Batman: The Killing Joke will becmoe available for all Video on Demand services. July 26 will see the movie launch digitally from retailers such as Amazon, PlayStation, Vudu, Xbox, Flixster, and many others.


The Killing Joke Blu-ray box art


Bonus features of the Blu-ray combo pack:

  • An exclusive sneak peek at the next DC Universe Original Movie.
  • Featurette: “Madness Set To Music” – Jim Gordon must bear witness to the most disturbing images any father could imagine while a maniac entices his break from sanity in song. This documentary looks at the step-by-process of one of the most crucial scenes in Batman: The Killing Joke, including the methodology James Tucker used as he storyboarded Brian Bolland’s stunning work for the screen; Dynamic Music Partners composers/lyricists’ creative merging of original music with the poetic words from the graphic novel to provoke the desired feelings and emotions for this critical scene; and actor Mark Hamill’s physical, devoted performance to capturing the world¹s most notorious Super-Villain in song.
  • Featurette: “Many Shades of Joker: The Tale of The Killing Joke” – Brian Bolland’s artwork is instantly recognizable to comic book enthusiasts all over the world. Known for his amazing cover art, it was a rare inclusion into the body of a graphic novel, Batman: The Killing Joke, that helped the perennial story of Batman and The Joker remain a fan favorite for decades to come. Combined with the graphic novel’s original script – which is more than just the telling of a story, but an intricate map explaining every stop along the way to the end of a fantastic journey – this documentary reveals the artistic process behind The Killing Joke’s distinct style. We’ll learn how artists and writers excelled at conveying story and human emotion one panel at a time, mesmerizing readers with unforgettable stories and humanized depictions of heroes and villains. And why after nearly 30 years in print, Batman: The Killing Joke is more thought provoking than ever, as its socio-economic themes are relatable to generation after generation.
  • From the DC Comics Vault: Two 22-minute episodes:
    The New Batman Adventures – “Old Wounds”
    Batman: The Animated Series – “Christmas with The Joker”

The Blu-ray Deluxe Edition will include all of the above, but comes with an exclusive Joker figurine in a numbered, limited edition gift set. You can purchase the Deluxe Edition for $29.96, the regular Blu-ray combo pack for $24.98, and the DVD for $19.98, when they all hit stores on August 2.


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