Justice League: Ray Fisher could get Sued for Trash-Talking Joss Whedon

Justice League: Ray Fisher could get Sued for Trash-Talking Joss Whedon

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With Zack Snyder’s Justice League already set to come out next year, Cyborg actor Ray Fisher had recently opened up about the ‘abusive’ behavior of Joss Whedon on set. While some are hoping that he could get into more detail, it looks like an NDA is stopping him from going further.

This was pointed out by insider Daniel Richtman:

For context, here was Fisher’s original tweet about what happened behind-the-scenes of Justice League:

We don’t know exactly what’s going down now, but everyone is still waiting for WB or Joss Whedon to make an official statement. Producer Jon Berg had tried to defend himself after Fisher’s post, but he didn’t really address the issue and kind of just pointed out that Fisher didn’t want to say Cyborg’s ‘Boo Yah!’ catchphrase from Teen Titans.

While this isn’t official, word has been going around that when Whedon took over, he was said to be constantly putting down Zack Snyder’s original plans, much to the dismay of everyone who had been working on the project this whole time. It’s worth noting that Snyder had just lost his daughter when he left the film, so it could come out as insensitive on the studio’s part to just push forward without him.

Again, this is just hearsay online, so take it with a grain of salt. We don’t know what it would take for Fisher to really open up about his experience, but if it’s going to make WB look bad, you can bet they will try their best to keep him quiet.

For now, fans await the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League on HBO Max sometime in 2021.


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