John Boyega Speaks Out to Toxic Star Wars Fanbase

John Boyega Speaks Out to Toxic Star Wars Fanbase

Kelly Marie Tran made waves when she quit Instagram and sparked an internal outcry within the Star Wars fanbase about toxic fans. Now her The Last Jedi co-star John Boyega has also come out to address the collective group responsible for not only harassing Tran, but other Star Wars actors who have been wronged as well.

Here’s his post:

It’s worth noting that Boyega still keeps his social media account despite the way some fans criticize his character Finn in the movies. His co-stars like Tran and Daisy Ridley have gone and quit social media after all the harassment, and Solo star Alden Ehrenreich avoids it as well.

If we go back even further, both prequel Anakin Skywalkers have had a hard time ever since they starred in the movies. Jake Lloyd had been bullied in school for supposedly ‘ruining’ Star Wars, and Hayden Christensen quit acting after his run as an older Anakin.

What’s interesting is, ever since Tran quit, there has been an overwhelming amount of positivity that the fans are bringing online. Not to mention, they are also trying to actively push out anyone in the fanbase who is being extensively negative or mean about what other people are loving about Star Wars.

We don’t know if these positive vibes will keep on going, but it sure is nice to see more fans actually show their appreciation online rather than just complain about every little thing.


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