Jean Grey is Going to ‘Kill Us All’ in New Dark Phoenix Teaser

Jean Grey is Going to ‘Kill Us All’ in New Dark Phoenix Teaser

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The Disney/Fox Merger may have been completed, but we still have two more mutant films that have to release before we can get them in the MCU. With New Mutants still a far away film, Fox has released an all-new trailer for X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

Check it:

The preview really delves into Jean Grey’s character arc. We get her being possessed by the cosmic Phoenix Force, and we also have the Dark Phoenix actually talking through her. While there are a lot of things we’ve already seen from The Last Stand, I guess this iteration of the Phoenix character sounds a lot more sentient and evil compared to the previous one we got.

To be honest, things are not looking good for the reception of this movie. Early reactions for the film have been said to be less than stellar, and we haven’t really gotten anything that would get fans excited about the X-Men other than the fact that Marvel Studios will likely reboot everything.

On the bright side, the bar has now been set ridiculously low for Dark Phoenix, and there’s a big opportunity for the franchise to wow us one last time. With this film ending the timeline that was established with the first X-Men, I’m hoping Simon Kinberg sends it off with a bang.

Catch X-Men: Dark Phoenix in theaters June 7.


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