Jason Momoa Joining Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow as Different Character?

Jason Momoa Joining Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow as Different Character?

Jason Momoa had been cast as Aquaman for the DCEU, but that continuity has officially closed with Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. It has been rumoured for a while that Momoa is still expected to appear in James Gunn’s DCU as a different character, and he could be making his debut sooner rather than later.

According to insider Daniel Richtman (via ComicBookMovie), Momoa may be joining the cast of Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow. What’s more, he won’t be coming back as the King of Atlantis, but as the rough-and-tumble space biker Lobo.

In the comics, Lobo is essentially a space bounty hunter. He’s virtually unkillable, but at the same time he has no real goals or plans for domination; so he’s considered more of a nuisance then a threat. That being said, even characters like Superman have a hard time taking him on.

Some can also make the read that Lobo is the DC’s version of Deadpool, but with more of that dirty biker flair that Wolverine is known for.

Of course, we should take this information with a grain of salt since nothing official has been announced, but Momoa himself has been hyping up his future for DC despite the ending of the Snyderverse. There’s also the fact that Lobo is a space character and Supergirl essentially is more connected to space than Superman is.

Until we get some official reveals, we’ll just have to wait and see. Though I’d love for Momoa to just keep doing Aquaman, I think he would be a fun Lobo as well.

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow is set for a release on June 26, 2026.


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