Jared Leto is Teasing His Prep for TRON 3

Jared Leto is Teasing His Prep for TRON 3

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Though a lot of people think his version of Joker was disappointing, Jared Leto has gone on to work on a lot of other greater roles, what with being the villain in Blade Runner 2049 and being the face of Sony’s Morbius. Now he’s set to star in the third TRON movie, and Leto has shared some of his prep work.

Check it out:


While I always considered Leto’s to lean into his more slender appearance, it looks like he’s going to get really jacked for TRON 3. We don’t know what role he’s been cast in, but granted Leto’s age and the stories about him that have been going around online, I think he’s very well suited to be the movie’s villain.

15 Cillian Murphy TRON Jared Leto is Teasing His Prep for TRON 3
Cillian Murphy as Ed Dillinger Jr. in TRON: Legacy

We don’t know what kind of story TRON 3 is going to be yet, but it was said that the original plans for the TRON: Legacy sequel were to have the realm of the Grid come to the real world. It really seemed like they were hyping up Cillian Murphy’s Ed Dillinger Jr. to be some kind of antagonist as well (Dillinger was the original villain of the first film), but plans changed and we don’t know what Disney is planning for this third movie.

Personally I’m hoping they just stay in the same continuity with Legacy. The movie actually did pretty well in the box office, but was still a critical bomb. Then again, some concepts felt like they were worth exploring, and it would be great if Disney just followed that narrative thread.

No release date has been set for TRON 3, but fans speculate it could come out in 2022 on the original film’s 40th anniversary


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