James Wan Updates ‘Mortal Kombat’ Film Status

James Wan Updates ‘Mortal Kombat’ Film Status

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For many of us the Mortal Kombat film (not Annihilation) is a pillar of our childhood. However, upon reflection as adults, it’s simply nostalgia that keeps it afloat, much like Space Jam. Since Annihilation’s release in 1997, the franchise has been on ice in Hollywood. Director Kevin Tancharoen brought it back to live action with his Mortal Kombat: Legacy miniseries. Legacy was decently received and got the ball rolling on talks of the franchise’s big screen return.

The games were rebooted with 2011’s Mortal Kombat, or MK9. MKX launched last year and showed many of the Kombatants older and with children… yes, even Johnny Cage. But fans are still waiting for any updates on James Wan’s adaptation. The director’s been attached to the project for a while now. Fortunately the hold up, aside from his busy schedule, is that he wants to take his time in developing something special.

In an interview with IGN at the Television Critics Association press tour, Wan spoke on Mortal Kombat’s current status. “It’s still cooking away. With that particular project, that’s a really cool property that I loved growing up as a kid. Besides the game, even the movies as well, I kind of enjoyed them for what they are.”

He also stressed the importance of doing right by the nearly 25 year old series.

“The key here is to try and do it right. I don’t want to rush into it. So right now, we’re just trying to take our time to make sure it’s heading in the right direction. I think that’s more important than trying to rush through it and pump up something that no one likes.”

Wan additionally touched on his adoration of the world, the Outworld, and the characters.

“I love the characters. I think they’re such colorful characters. It’s such an amazing take on, basically, Enter the Dragon. It’s that fantasy version, the video game version, of Enter the Dragon. And in doing so, they ended up creating such interesting characters and I think that is such a cool world to explore. This really mythical, bigger world that lives on another dimension on top of ours. I think that’s really fun to play with and so we’ll see.”

Unfortunately, the director didn’t talk any specific details or a release window. Perhaps we shouldn’t expect anything concrete until after Aquaman gets rolling?

Megan Fox recently said she’d love a part in the film as Outworld’s Princess Kitana. No word on if that will ever go beyond just a verbal declaration. Which characters would you like to see in the film and what narrative do you think it will tell? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments below.

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